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Motorized Blinds

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    Motorized blinds can add the finishing touches you want and need for your smart home. Or, perhaps you recently realized the amazing benefits they offered while staying in a hotel. Regardless of what has piqued your interest in the motorized blinds, there is a good chance that you have a few questions regarding whether or not they are the right solution for your Toronto home or business. After all, you don’t know the benefits motorized blinds, or more specifically, motorized zebra blinds offer besides being a pretty cool gadget. As a top Office and Zebra blinds store, all our blinds are of premium quality.

    Motorized Roller Blinds

    Why Motorized Blinds

    The reasons many people choose to install the motorized blinds are as varied as the actual homes that have them installed; however, our customers tell us all the time that there is one (or several) reasons were the inspiration for installing these in their own homes.

    Motorized Blinds can Help Simplify Your Life

    The bottom line is, motorized blinds can work to easily simplify your life. You don’t have to worry about adjusting them manually and you can rely on any device to provide the amount of natural light and privacy you desire for every room in your home.

    Somfy Motorized Blinds are Part of a Bigger Smart Home Solution

    Even though it is not the age of the “Jetsons” just yet, there are more and more modern consumers who are searching for ways to properly manage their homes intuitively and to easily integrate controls for various home operations with the devices they use on a daily basis. Smart home solutions include smart thermostats, alarm systems and even built in speakers – and now motorized blinds. This only adds to the smart home solutions that are currently available for tech-savvy homeowners.

    A Convenient Window Covering Option

    Convenience is one of the main reasons people choose to install motorized blinds. These not only get rid of the worry of annoying and unsightly cords, but they also give you the ability to adjust all of your blinds – even the ones over skylights or hard to reach windows – to the desired position easily and quickly. With the ability to raise or lower your newly installed blinds with the touch of button from any smart device, there is no question that the convenience factor is one that most people find quite appealing.

    While the process of actually opening and shutting the blinds is not in itself an onerous task, you should consider the other things that go along with this. For example, you have to (usually) untangle the cord, make sure that the blinds are pointing in the proper direction, and make sure they are even. Not only do you have to do all this one time, but for every window you wish to adjust the blinds on. This makes it pretty clear why many people simply choose to leave their shades in the closed position throughout the day. Without a motorized feature installed, it can be a daunting task to get all your blinds to the desired position.