How much do commercial blinds cost in GTA?

September 19, 2019 Office Blinds

How Much Do Commercial Blinds Cost In Toronto?

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Commercial blinds are best used in large corporate spaces, restaurants or stores. Businesses have the option to choose from a wide range of blinds such as horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, zebra blinds, and motorized blinds.  Choose the color, style, and shade which will fit your business’ needs. Below are details that will help you answer the question of how much do commercial building blinds cost in GTA?

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Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds provide a room with a classic and elegant vibe. They are also highly durable and can easily complement any given color scheme. These are usually used on tall windows as well as two-inch slats. Their being horizontal allows them to be rolled up from the bottom and not sideways. They are lifted using a cord-and-pulley system. Horizontal blinds with small slats allow less light when they are open. These blinds come in forms such as vinyl or aluminum.

  • Aluminum horizontal blinds costs $30 to $130. Also referred to as mini 

blinds, these provide adequate control over any incoming light source as well as privacy. They are also easy to operate and install. Most mini blinds provide a cordless lift system thus making them child-proof. Its sleek and streamlined look makes them an ideal choice for any work space. 

  • Vinyl horizontal blinds provide the same features as aluminum blinds. 

The latter though is more durable than the former. Vinyl blinds are also available in different patterns, textures, and colors.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding glass doors as they are the sole blinds which can be horizontally open and closed. Some blinds can be customized to open from both sides, the middle or the end. They can be specially fitted to common-sized sliding doors or be ordered in widths that range to a maximum of 191 inches.

Such blinds made specially for doors can be easily tilted open similar to horizontal blinds. In order to allow in light or let it out, the rod, slats or vanes can be tilted open or close. Unlike horizontal blinds, they can be stacked in numerous ways. They can be stacked either to the right or left, thus the slats or vanes can be drawn to the right or left side once the vertical door blinds are open. They can cost anywhere from $70 to $900. 

Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds are quite popular in Canada as it combines the functionality of blinds with the elegantly soft look of shades. These blinds are made using two fabric pieces that have alternating bands. One panel has a solid color while the other has a sheer band. When combined, it provides outside views and allow natural light in the room. 

Light can similarly be prevented from entering a room thus increasing privacy. This can be done by rotating the fabric until the color bands fill the whole shade. Such blinds are top-sellers not just because of their quality but also due to its ability to easily complement most styles of décor. Its price ranges anywhere from $200 to $1,000.

Motorized blinds

Motorized blinds are ideal if you are looking for convenience and ease of operation. They are not just stylish options, they bring class to functional commercial blinds in the Greater Toronto Area. Its remote control capability suits commercial buildings that are digitally-enabled. A mere touch of a button allows you to immediately change the blinds’ position. 

It works best with windows that are oversized or are hard to reach. Motorized blinds make the process of reaching high windows worry-free and 100% safe. Ladders and chairs are not at all required. 

Motorized blinds are also available in numerous options. They can be ordered in honeycomb shade, sheer shade, wood shade, and roller shade. Cellular shades are energy-efficient and helps keep any given space warm during the winter or cool in the summer. The price of motorized blinds range anywhere from $80 to $400.


When choosing a commercial blind, always consider not only its style but how functional it would be to the space you are to install it in. Also, make sure it will fit the ambiance and culture of the workplace it will be used in. Prioritize your requirements and search for blinds that will fulfill these. Find out too how easy or difficult it is to maintain the blinds. Plus, are they durable? Blinds that can withstand wear and tear are aluminum blinds, horizontal, wood blinds, and motorized blinds. 

All in all, select a company that has extensive experience in providing blinds for commercial buildings. Also, for easy selection, combine aesthetics or the blinds’ visual appeal to how efficient it is in fulfilling the specific demands of your commercial structure. Quality needs to be your priority though. If a company can supply your business with decent blinds as well as handle its installation and proper maintenance, it is a worry-free way to keep your workplace properly cared for.

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