How much can you save by using office window blinds?

September 22, 2019 Office Blinds

How Much Can You Save By Using Office Window Blinds?

Office blinds, whether these are custom blinds or standard ones, are essential in keeping your workplace energy efficient. They provide the following benefits:

  • Block the heat of the sun from infiltrating your work space
  • Raise a room’s internal temperature
  • Decrease overheating within your building
  • Cut down on your air conditioning bills or remove your need for air 


  • Drastically increase a room’s temperature to 45%

Office blinds are partly responsible in the creation of a productive work environment. In its absence, the sun’s rays could cause glares on PC screens. The sun’s heat could also fade furniture and carpet within the building.

Besides blinds’ functional purpose, they also double as a decorative item. Usually, these are the first things seen when clients enter an office.

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The first thing you could save on is your electric bill. The less heat or sunlight entering an office, the less need there is for air conditioning. One’s total electricity savings could amount to as much as 20%.

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As long as the blinds chosen are able to snugly fit a window and minimize any air gaps that surround the edges, these are effective and versatile products to use. Vertical blinds can help in regulating the amount of sunlight that enters a room. However, its thermal performance is quite limited. Meanwhile, though roller shades are the cheapest, its thermal effectivity is poor. 

Narrow and small windows will benefit from roman blinds specially if there is minimal space left for curtains. However, honeycomb blinds are more effective in keeping off outside light due to its blackout feature, translucence and insulating ability. 

Soon, office blinds may function as total blockout blinds which will disallow light from leaking around the sides. In terms of thermal capability, it will also be well-performing. This feature complements new buildings which are highly insulated and are thus prone to overheating.

Proof that shows the ability of blinds to save on energy is provided by the UK’s National     Energy Foundation where internal shading provided by blinds saw a 10% savings of HVAC energy. Meanwhile, a roller screen produced 23% savings. 

How do blinds help protect your home from heat gain and heat loss?

Office window blinds help create an indoor environment that is comfortable and conducive to       productivity. They work by trapping air within its cells thereby halting the transfer of either warm or cool air through sliding glass doors or windows. 

As a result, heating and cooling costs are drastically reduced, so is your energy consumption.    Blinds, such as honeycomb, which are specially made with blockout fabric are also known as the most energy-efficient.

Be aware that appliances which keep office spaces cool during the summer, and warm in winter utilize the most energy. Specifically, they use a total of 40% energy. Glass doors and windows also cause high energy loss. Also, heat energy could similarly leak from windows at the height of winter causing a 40% energy loss. During summer, heat gain is at a staggering 87% due to uncovered glass windows. Once proper window coverings are placed, such as blinds or shades, total savings in energy bills could be up to 34%.

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Be aware that quality blinds come with a price. Installing office blinds could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. It is best to manage a building’s thermal dynamic during the design stage. 

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It may also be ideal to maximize energy savings cost by considering mechanising the process of opening and closing blinds. Having to manually open and close blinds each day all through the winter and summer could be time-consuming if not tedious. Fortunately, some blinds can now be controlled remotely via an app which is accessible via smartphone. 

How energy efficiency is achieved during the winter and summer

Even the United States Department of Energy acknowledges windows as the source of up to 40% of annual heating and cooling costs. Thus, window treatments which provide consistent energy efficiency are a must. Though window treatments naturally offer energy-saving features, there are treatments that are more efficient compared to others. 

During winter, heat naturally follows the path of least resistance. Thus, it has the tendency to leak out through the window. A window with no covering has little to no ability to trap in heat and leave the cold out. But using blinds, specifically honeycomb-style covers, increases a window’s heat-trapping efficiency. 

The same principle applies during summer when the sun is at its hottest. During this time, it is critical that a window has the potent ability to reflect heat. Doing so keeps the indoor space cool. The best window cover that will be able to effectively reflect heat during the warm months are roller and roman blinds.


Regardless of how efficient blinds are in helping regulate a room’s temperature, they need to be properly maintained in order for them to last long. Blinds could last a maximum of fifteen years. Simply applying a dry dust cloth plus water to keep it clean and dust-free is an effective way to care for them during the short and long term.

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