Are window treatments included when you buy a home in GTA?

November 12, 2019 Window Blinds

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Are window treatments included when you buy a home in GTA?

When you purchase a home or if you plan to sell your house, are window blinds or any kind of window treatments included in the sale? There is no straight “yes” or “no” answer to this question because regulations vary for each area 

However, it is a general rule that any item that is permanently affixed to a house via cement, glue, nails, screws or pipes is considered part of a property. Therefore, items such as shades, plantation shutters, office blinds that are screwed to a window’s frame are included when you buy a home.

The only case when such items are not included is when it is specifically outlined in the property disclosure of the seller. It is a necessity that “window treatments” such as zebra blinds, motorized blinds be explicitly defined especially if these are shades, blinds, curtain rods, or curtains.

What should you do if you want to take your window treatments with you?

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If you are planning to sell your home and you prefer to keep your window treatments instead of allowing them to be purchased along with your property, the following are the ideal actions you need to take:


  • Remove your preferred window treatments
  • Replace them with less costly versions prior to having your house listed up for sale
  • Outline the items that remain with you in the seller disclosure as well as the marketing materials


Doing all these allows buyers to be aware of what is and what is not included in their offer. It also helps if you put in writing any agreement you have with the buyer. It is best if these are included in the contract. 


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The following are actions that are not advisable to do when you plan to sell your home and prefer to keep your window treatments.

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  • Do not remove your blinds when you move out and expect the buyer to not notice the change.
  • Do not secretly swap your blinds with cheaper versions


Doing any of the above could result to your sale not falling through. You might also be forced to return the blinds or provide the buyer with a credit.

It is best to think twice if you plan to take your existing window treatments to your new home. Remember that “standard window sizes” do not exist. It may be possible that the blinds you now have will not suit your new house. It may be a better idea to start fresh and acquire new window treatments. Do that instead of using the old ones from the home you are now offering up for sale.


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What should you do if you want window treatments included in the home you are planning to buy?

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If you are planning to buy a new home and you want to ensure that any of its existing window treatments are included in your purchase, the following are the actions you need to take:


  • Check your contract and determine if window treatments are included in the sale
  • If you see window treatments not mentioned in your purchase of the house, ask your realtor to communicate with the seller to update the contract


Remember that during this phase of the selling process, negotiation is key. It is ideal that these discussions be fleshed out this early in order for the sale to push through. However, ensure that the window treatments you want to be included will match the color of your own furniture. 


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Also, if in case the seller prefers to not include window treatments in the sale, no worries. Allow this to be an opportunity for you to acquire custom window shades. Doing so could help match your shades to the unique colors of your furniture.

Always clarify the fine print

Some sellers have the mistaken notion that any personal item they have installed in their homes can be similarly taken with them once they put the house up for sale. However, this is not the case unless such an item has been explicitly included in the sale.

House fixtures are generally understood to remain in the home, these include window shades and blinds. Items that can slide off rods such as curtains or drapes are not considered as fixtures but as personal property.

It is always safe to specify window coverings as excluded in the purchase if the seller intends to take them. Do not forget that such details need to be indicated in the contract.


All in all, if you intend to buy a house and you wish to include fixtures on your purchase offer, ensure that these are specified in writing. Similarly, if you have no interest to acquire such items, you need to indicate these in the offer as well. These are simple actions that will easily remove any confusion during the closing of a sale. It is also best to have a realtor that can mediate an agreement between the seller’s wants and the buyer’s needs.

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