There is a perfect window blind for every part of the house

November 23, 2019 Window Blinds

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There is a perfect window blind for every part of the house

A Window blind comes in a slew of sizes, types, designs, and materials. All of them possess individual slats which can easily be adjusted upwards and downwards, or from one side to another. Their purpose is to manage the quantity of light that enters a living space.

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Most window blinds have a cord situated on one side. Its purpose is to easily adjust the blinds up or down. A rod on the other side manages its tilt and is mainly responsible for opening or closing the slats. Though the below blinds are mainly described for home use, they can also function as practical and stylish office blinds. Choose from custom window shades, zebra blinds, or motorized blinds. Surely, there is one that will fit your needs.

Different blinds for different parts of the house

There is a window blind suited for a specific part of the house. The following are various types of blinds and the area in the house they are ideal for.

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Window Blinds

  • Vertical blinds’ individual slats are seen along the top of the blind’s track. Usually, such blinds open from side to side or part at the center. Vertical blinds are ideal for patio doors as well as floor to ceiling windows. They are similarly perfect for smaller windows. 


  • Venetian blinds are popular due to their horizontal slats which are attached to strings or cloth strips. Venetian also comes in versions where they are motorized blinds. They are installed in any part of the house such as the living room and the bathroom.


  • Mini blinds operate in the same way as Venetian blinds. The difference is that mini blinds have smaller width slats that are an inch thick. These are ideal as low-cost replacement blinds. They are also perfect in blocking light and heat.


  • Micro blinds are smaller versions of mini blinds due to the former’s ½ inch thick slats. It is ideal for small or expansive windows and french doors. Micro blinds are also popularly used in the living room, dining room, recreation room, bedroom, and any room where you can have uninterrupted afternoon naps.


  • Panel blinds are popularly selected to be used in patio doors as well as large windows. These blinds have sections that move alongside the track and which could either be opened or closed.


  • Tie-up blinds combine the features of a curtain and a shade. These are made from a fabric piece that goes past the shade’s bottom. These shades can be rolled up and tied in place. It provides any space a cosy country look as well as casual ambiance. It is ideal for the bedroom or living room.


  • Smart blinds are specially made to sync with a smartphone app. These can be controlled individually or by a group. Such blinds can be programmed to close and open at specific times of the day. These can be used in any room of the house and come in traditional styles or high tech design. 


Window Shades

  • Pleated shades are made up of one-layer fabrics that can be stacked less when used with taller windows. The shade appears in a pattern that resembles an accordion. They are cost-effective options that can be used in the dining room or living room.


  • Cellular shades are popularly used due to its functionality and versatility. They are also energy-efficient as it halts air from escaping or entering windows. Cellular shades are also great in providing sound insulation. They can be used in the bedroom, living room, and even the bathroom.


  • Roman shades are traditional window treatments made from fabric. When used, it folds into itself similar to a Venetian blind. They come in either flat fold or teardrop design. Its style provides a room with a traditional yet elegant look. Thus it is ideal in the bedroom, lounge area, and living room.


  • Roller shades are either made from natural or synthetic fabrics. They can either be rolled up or down depending on your needs. Those with blackout features are ideal for home theaters, media rooms, and bedrooms. 


  • Solar shades help decrease the quantity of sunlight or glare a room receives. But at the same time, these blinds allow users to preserve a window’s view. Essentially, they function as if they are window-sunglasses. These are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.


  • Outdoor shades are built using materials that are highly resistant to stormy weather and outdoor elements. Their function is to limit the heat and sun exposure a space receives. Therefore, such shades are ideal on patios and decks.


  • Skylight shades come in various styles such as cellular, roller, or pleated. Their purpose is to cover a space’s skylight due to its insulating features. They are an ideal window blind for when you want to stream in light to a dark bathroom or kitchen. 



The number of window blinds to choose from may be overwhelming for some. The best way to choose which window blind is best for your house is to know your own needs and wants. Feel free to also search for design inspiration online. Your selection would also depend on your personal preference, taste, and the material the blinds are made of. The room where the blinds will be placed similarly play a crucial role. All in all, these factors need to be carefully considered as well as your budget. 

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