10 Questions To Ask Before Buying Zebra Blinds

April 13, 2022 Window Blinds, Zebra Blinds

10 Questions To Ask Before Buying Zebra Blinds

There are so many window treatments out there that choosing a suitable option can be overwhelming. A common question is – What are Zebra blinds, and what are the Zebra blinds benefits? Zebra blinds have recently gained huge popularity due to a wide number of reasons. 

There’s their visual appeal but added to this, they are innovative in many different ways, especially in shading, light-filtering, and privacy. It’s easy to lean towards the zebra blinds. However, for you to know that the zebra blinds are the right choice for you, here are some questions that you should ask yourself.

These questions cover everything about zebra blinds, including their functionality, safety, and durability. After considering these questions, you’ll know if zebra blinds are the perfect window covering for you.

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1. Why are Zebra Blind so popular?

Zebra Blinds are popular because of their elegance and functionality. 

In terms of elegance, their contrasting stripe design makes the blinds an elegant addition to any room. The zebra blinds can be used as a creative stripe “wall decor” to add beauty and sophistication to your plain-painted walls.  

In terms of functionality, the zebra blinds are innovative window treatments. First, when rolled down, the sheer fabric strips allow light to be filtered through. So, you get privacy without sacrificing natural lighting.

Also, the zebra blinds give you total control over privacy and lighting. When the solid fabric strips overlap, light is blocked from entering the room giving you a completely private room. When the sheer fabric strips overlap, light is allowed to come in.

2. Are they good for privacy?

Zebra Blinds are some of the best options for privacy. This is because (during the day) they can give you privacy without sacrificing your view of the outside.

With most other blinds, getting privacy means closing the blinds, and sacrificing your outside view. However, when you close zebra blinds to get privacy, their sheer strips still give you outside view while preventing persons outside from seeing in.

Zebra Blinds also provide privacy at night. The options that allow overlapping of the solid strips give you complete privacy. 

3. Do they offer protection from UV rays?

Apart from allowing in natural light when the blinds are closed to provide privacy, another importance of the sheer strips of zebra blinds is that they provide interior protection.

Specifically, they protect your interior from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The sheer screens of the zebra blinds are able to block out 99% of UV rays.

It’s known that the UV rays from sunlight damage furniture, carpets, artworks, and other interior decor by causing them to fade and change color. So, when buying window treatment, it is important to know whether the treatment will offer protection from UV rays. Thankfully, zebra blinds do.   


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4. Are they good for insulation?

Zebra blinds are good insulating blinds. The layering prevents the transfer of heat from inside to outside. This keeps your house warm and helps you save money on energy. 

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5. Are they good for bedrooms and living rooms?

Zebra blinds are some of the best window treatments for living rooms because of their light filtering capability. The sheer fabric strips allow natural light to filter into living rooms and make the spaces feel energetic.

Theys are also great for bedrooms. You can easily overlap the solid strips to completely block out light in the early morning hours. You can allow natural light to brighten rooms without compromising privacy. 

6. Are they good for big windows?

Zebra Blinds are ideal for big windows. First, blinds come in handy when many other window coverings are not suitable for the large spaces of big windows.

Also, large windows are specifically designed for connecting to the outside and allowing more natural sunlight into the home. They are the most suitable design for this.

Lastly, should you need to open the windows, you’ll find that the zebra blinds are very good for large windows. The double layering makes them significantly sturdy, making them able to withstand the significant wind blows of big windows.

7. Do they offer customization?

Zebra Blinds are highly customizable. In terms of style, they can be customized in different fabrics, colors, and sizes of windows.

In terms of convenience, you can also customize zebra Blinds to be motorized. So, you can opt for the traditional controls of cords, or you can opt for motorized blinds which can be controlled using a handheld remote from anywhere in the room.

8. Are they safe?

Zebra blinds can be as safe as the safest blinds. This is because they can be customized to be motorized, eliminating the use of loop cords.If they do have cords, then you need to be mindful of whether or not young children will be able to reach them. 

They can be made cordless to be as safe as possible for children. These ones will be perfect for installation in kids’ rooms, nurseries, and classrooms.  

9. Are they durable?

Zebra blinds are often made from 100% polyester. This high-quality material protects the blinds from wear and tear, ensuring that your zebra blinds last for a long time. Even if not made from polyester, a well-made zebra blind is going to last for a very long time. 

When buying window treatment, you definitely will not want to go for options that will need replacing in only a few years. Blinds typically last about seven years, but with good care, your zebra blinds can last many decades.

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10. How much maintenance do they require?

They are easy to maintain because they are very easy to clean.

More often than not, simple dusting is all the cleaning they require. Use a soft brush, and work from the top all the way to the bottom. This is so that the dust does not fall on the already dusted surface of the blind. You can also clean by wiping the blinds with a damp cloth.

If there are spot stains, you can clean them by using a mild soap.

  • Add a mild soap to a bath of warm water.
  • Dip a soft cloth in the bath of water, and wipe the blinds with it focusing on the spots

Final Thoughts

Zebra blinds are an increasingly popular window treatment that combines solid fabric strips with sheer fabric strips that alternate in a zebra-stripe design.

They do more than give your interior a sleek and modern look, they also give you control of the natural lighting, insulation, and privacy of your room.


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