How Much Do Roller Shades Cost In Toronto?

February 18, 2022 Window Blinds

Some of the biggest questions homebuyers ask themselves are – How to improve our interior design? what is the cost of roller blinds? If you are looking to block out sunlight entering your room or want something that guards your privacy while illuminating the space, roller shades are the go-to window treatment. They employ a cord pulley system, and when drawn open, the roller blinds wrap around in a roll at the top of the window. This way, they are easy to operate as they can be drawn high or low.

They are suitable for any home décor and will look great in your home but how much will you be expected to pay? This article will cover how much you can expect them to cost in Toronto and the important aspects you will have to look into when buying roller blinds. 

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How much do roller shades cost in Toronto?  

The average cost of roller blinds and installation in Toronto comes to around $2000, excluding tax, depending on the number of windows. The price mentioned is considering two small size windows, four medium-sized windows, and one patio door. While that is the average total cost, let’s break it down.  

When shopping for roller blinds, you can find products that start as low as $50 per window to as high as $1,000. If you are on a budget, anything around $150-$200 per window should ensure a quality product, depending on the size. They are especially ideal for high windows and children’s bedrooms. 

Installation of the shades, along with the materials, can come up to $300, and the labor charges for the entire job can be considered around $250, with $500 at the very maximum. After including taxes for this purchase and depending on the number, you will be spending in the range of $1500-$2000 on a worthy accessory that will offer privacy to your home. 

How to select the best roller shades? 

It goes without saying that the architectural design in Toronto is a hybrid of Georgian architecture from the 19th century and postmodern architecture of the 21st century. For this reason, the shades that you will be installing need to complement your room. Take a look at the factors you need to consider for eye-catching results. 

Privacy and light control 

Whether it is for blocking out sunlight or allowing partial light to enter the room, all the while maintaining privacy inside, roller blinds are up for the job. Check if your windows are facing East or West and consider the amount of light that will be entering the room. Cellular shades are the perfect choice to block light and provide privacy. If privacy and light control is not of importance, go for shades composed of sheer fabric.

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Roller blinds also ensure that you can keep your room either warm or cool by preventing the flow of air in and out. This allows your heating and cooling systems to function at their maximum potential, thus saving energy and lowering your bills! 


Selecting shades with the perfect design plays an important role in complementing your room. An advantage of roller shades is that they appear invisible and give a complete view of the outside. Choosing a shade according to the color of your walls will make a fantastic feature in residential homes. 


roller shadesThe opacity of roller blinds differs from one type to another. You might want to visit a store and choose this for yourself according to your tastes. Blackout is the most preferred option for a kid’s bedroom, and a diffused effect might be a more attractive option for the living room. We have a further breakdown of these types below.


If you have kids or pets, going for cordless shades is the safest option. These shades have no cords, and you can leave your child or pet unattended near them. Ones with cords come with the risk of your loved ones getting tangled or trapped in moments of curiosity. Most windows will be out of reach of pets and children but this is still something to consider.


There are a lot of brands on the market, and each of them promotes theirs as the best. Calculate the amount you are willing to spend. Consider spending more on specific windows and less on other insignificant ones. The size of the window will proportionately affect the cost, and custom sizes, specialty fabrics, patterns, and features also add to the price. 

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Types of roller shades  

Shades are highly versatile and provide a multitude of options for you to choose from. Here is a basic about roller blinds if you still have not decided on what you plan on installing. 

Roman Shades 

These are simple fabric coverings that can be raised or lowered using a cord. They provide a vibrant and classy look to any setting. They are common in living and dining rooms. 

Tight Weaves

These are made of opaque materials and offer utmost privacy to the inhabitants. As a result, it is widely used in bedrooms and bathrooms. 


They completely block the entry of light and are best suited where you do not want light entering by any means. Bedrooms and media rooms employ these shades.

Woven Wood

It gives a natural woody finish and is mainly composed of bamboo or jute mixed with a material of rich texture. They blend superbly in garden rooms and backyards. 


Made from an open weave material, they are explicitly designed to block harmful UV rays and achieve light control. They fit in all spaces. 


They are made from one continuous piece of fabric and either roll up or fold up along their crisp pleats. They keep the heat out during summer and vice versa during winter. 

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Final Thoughts

Having your entire home fitted with roller blinds can be expensive but the results will be fantastic. Measure up your windows to get a better idea of if they will fit in your budget. You can expect to pay between $150-$200 for a high-quality blind on a large window.

The exact cost will depend on several different factors but you can save money by installing them yourself. Once you have them fitted, you’ll be glad you did. Roller shades are great for a number of reasons and will help to improve the look of any home. To find out more, please call Canadian Blinds Pros.

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