How Window blinds help in natural lighting

December 5, 2019 Window Blinds

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How window blinds help in natural lighting

You might ask yourself “how do window blinds help in natural lighting”. The presence of natural light in your living space is highly beneficial for your overall health. Daylight in a room also decreases the necessity of having costly artificial lighting. The end result is long-term energy saving. 

Using window blinds Toronto allows you to have natural daylight streaming in your room while also being able to control the amount of light that comes in. Blinds also come in styles that make it easy for them to aesthetically and seamlessly blend with any existing room design. They could also function as a decorative statement.

The number of window treatments available also equate to the various ways window blinds help in natural lighting. Whether these are zebra blinds, office blinds, motorized blinds, or custom window shades, there is a window treatment that suits your specific requirements. Below are different kinds of window treatments and the amount of light users are provided with the power to manage.


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  • Venetian blinds


venetian blindsThe classic horizontal design of Venetian blinds have made it a favourite choice for customers who require practicality and versatility in their window treatments. These blinds can either be raised atop the window in order to maximize the quantity of natural light. They could also be lowered to fully block it from entering a room. 

Plus, a mere twist of the Venetian blind’s wand allows users to make adjustments to the louvres’ tilt. Doing so helps manage the light and halt passers-by to look inside your house. Such blinds are ideal if you prefer privacy and the ability to control natural light.


  • Roman shades


Usually made from soft fabric, roman shades are considered practical and highly functional window treatments. Some believe they are not as stylish as other shades. However, there are currently more styles and patterns customers can choose from. 

Roman shades generally possess the tiniest width deductions. They make perfect interior mount blinds as it makes the window’s case look cleaner. Though a small light gap might exist, the blinds generally fit within the window and be able to freely move. Interior mount blinds usually possess side gaps. 


  • Roller shades


roller shadesCurrently, the roller shades available in the market are operating via a chain, spring or motor. They are also available in a slew of sizes and colours thereby allowing them to fit any door or window. As its name suggests, roller shades can also be rolled up in order to maximize the quantity of light that comes in a room. They also provide unbridled privacy from curious eyes when they are rolled down.


  • Cellular shades


cellular shadesAlso known as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are gorgeous and energy-efficient window treatments. These blinds are able to control the amount of natural light entering through doors and windows due to its two or more fabric layers. Cellular shades consist of horizontal cells that have cross-sections shaped like honeycombs. These sections also trap in the air that stream through the window thereby maximizing its ability to block cold or heat. These can either be lowered or raised the same way roller shades can. Doing so allows users to have complete control of the light entering their space. Unlike roller shades, cellular shades stack up and do not roll-up. 


  • Sheer shades


Sheer shades have been known to offer limited privacy as well as sun-blocking capability. But due to it being made of semi-sheer or lightweight fabric such as silk or organza, they are able to halt light from entering the room without it being too overwhelming. The materials sheer shades are made of help make a room appear bright and light. Using pale-coloured shades adds to a space’s inviting mood. 


  • Vertical blinds 


vertical blindsSimilar to Venetian blinds, vertical blinds – as the name suggests – have its louvres vertically positioned. These allow users the same level of light and privacy management as Venetian blinds deliver. Doors or windows can be exposed completely by allowing the blinds to be stacked back to the right or left. Modifying the vertical louvres’ angles further restricts the quantity of light that comes into a room. Versatility-wise, vertical blinds can be had in any size, colour or length. If you prefer a modern-looking and cleaner shade, choose a vertical blind with a lighter shade.




There is nothing to fear from having natural light enter a room. Its presence removes electricity wastage. Natural light is also highly beneficial for the body’s overall health. It also has the ability to lift one’s mood. A room feels more light, open and spacious thanks to natural light. Rooms that have large picture windows or a small skylight would benefit from natural light. Window blinds make it possible to manage light that comes in as well as include it in the room’s overall aesthetics.


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All in all, window blinds help in natural lighting, they are beautiful, practical and cost-effective. Their flexibility, versatility and ability to control light and the level of privacy in a living space makes them highly desirable house fixtures. When properly selected, window blinds offer users a stylish and modern option to enhance their room’s existing aesthetics.


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